Decibel Outdoor 2019

Decibel Outdoor 2019

Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek

With the best artist, best shows and non-stop entertainment Decibel Outdoor is known as the ultimate festival destination, for the thoughest

  • Explore every corner (with exceptional decorations!) you might have never seen before
  • More time to experience all that Decibel has to offer
  • Enjoy spectacular endshows on each festival day

  • An extended weekend experience with three days at the festival terrain
  • See more of the terrain with the districts hosting a different genre each day
  • Discover new musical paths with exclusive acts, longer sets and fresh talent

  • An additional festival day with lots of area’s and activities
  • More dark hours bringing Decibel's show possibilities to the next level
  • Turn your weekend into the ultimate harder styles holiday