Decibel Outdoor 2020

Decibel Outdoor 2020

Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek

Because in the weekend of the 21st, 22nd and 23th of august 2020 the loudest city on earth will be back on site of the Beekse Bergen (in The Netherlands) 

At Decibel Outdoor, a great variety of music styles, all from the 'hard dance' category will be played out of their massive speakers. 

The following music styles will sound through the speakers at Decibel Outdoor:
hardstyle, freestyle, hardcore, up-tempo, millenium, old school and early rave, terror and industrial beats.

Since 2019, Decibel Outdoor has had three festival days. 
On Friday it's site is only open to visitors who'll stay on site for the whole weekend (weekender ticket), on Saturday the enitre site will be opened with more than 10(!) areas and on Sunday there'll be a part of the site open with more than 5 areas. 

The festival has had three festival days since 2019, with Friday only open to visitors who stay on site for the entire weekend. On Saturday the entire site is open with thirteen areas and on Sunday a part of the site is open with seven areas. In addition, almost every stage changes it's genre each day.